Corporate branded t-shirts can impact significantly on these 50 businesses

Many businesses ponder over the idea of getting corporate t-shirts for their teams. Corporate t-shirts help in several ways such as:
1. Personifying the brand: The customers feel the brand is more human and they perceive the employees as a personification of that very brand as well its values.
2. It makes the employees feel more connected to the common mission: When all the employees are wearing the same logo and the same brand on their t-shirts, they eventually feel more connected to the vision of the brand since it is now physically manifested to them.
3. The employees feel empathy: Employees can now see themselves as the part of one big team which is working on a greater purpose than their individual every-day tasks. This helps the employees feel synced with the entire team and makes them more empathetic towards each other.
4. It projects the entire business as a single unit: To anyone looking at the brand from an outsider’s perspective, the entire business seems like one unit working cohesively to achieve its mission and vision.
Now you may wonder whether corporate t-shirts are relevant for your industry or not. Hence, here is a list of 50 industries where corporate t-shirts can play a big role and provide the above mentioned benefits.

1. Telecom
2. Commercial Banking Services
3. Hospitality
4. Food & Beverages
5. Manufacturing
6. Automobile Sales and Services
7. House and Personal Loan
8. Engineering Services
9. Marketing Technology Consultancies
10. Digital Marketing Agencies
11. Branding Agencies
12. Retail of consumer goods
13. Logistics and Delivery
14. Warehousing and Storage
15. Optics and Eyewear
16. Textiles, Clothing and Fashion
17. Wealth Management
18. Leadership and Corporate Training
19. Computer Hardware Manufacturing and Sales
20. Computer Software Services
21. TV and Entertainment Services
22. Cinematic Production Houses
23. Traditional Ad Agencies
24. Commercial Airlines
25. Tours and Travels
26. Education Industry
27. Pharmacies
28. Consumer Electronics Sales and Repair
29. Smartphone and Accessories Retail
30. Furniture Manufacturing and Repair Services
31. Architecture and Interior Designing Services
32. Event Management Industry
33. Private Security Services
34. Market Research Companies
35. Strategic Management Consultancies
36. Books and Publications – Retail
37. Cement and other materials’ sales and trading
38. Plumbing services
39. Pipes, fittings and other components sales and trading
40. Electronic and Print Media
41. Public Relations Services
42. Music Production
43. Theatre and Live Performances
44. Salon Services
45. Home Décor and Renovation
46. Talent Management Services
47. Accounting Services
48. Industrial Hardware Sales and Trading
49. Footwear and Leather Goods Sales
50. Real Estate Sales and Management Services

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