These 3 Ahmedabad based food & beverage companies invested in corporate t-shirts for brand awareness

Running a food chain has never been easier, especially in Ahmedabad, where everyone is looking for a new sensation on their taste buds all around the year! Yet, a few local chains have been able to make their mark over everyone’s conscious brains with their quality food at affordable price appeal. The three chains obviously being – Jay Bhavani, Shambhu’s and Hari Om; but, apart from succeeding in Ahmedabad with their delicious offerings, they also have one thing in common – their newly minted corporate t-shirts.

Getting customized t-shirts in Ahmedabad is not that difficult. Plus, looking at the kind of brand awareness it can bring to such a public facing business, every consumer facing business should be doing it. Yet, only a few brands are accessing this opportunity provided by the custom printed t-shirts in Ahmedabad. Since these three restaurant chains have done it and seen the results, here are a few reasons you too should consider them for your business:

1. It gives the brand a face. Mostly, it is difficult for customers to truly connect with a brand, especially if it is a local brand trying to create an impact. This is where the corporate t-shirts can help the brand. When a customer is served properly by an employee, for her, that employee becomes a humanized form of the brand. Brands put in a lot of money to communicate their customer centric values but customers will eventually only connect with the brand on very specific touchpoints. Hence, when the employee becomes an evangelist for the brand, it helps the consumer feel more connected to the brand.
2. It superimposes the brand’s qualities on the employees and vice versa. Brands usually have strong personalities and so do good employees. When a customer enters a restaurant and an employee greets her with gratitude and smile, she immediately relates the brand with the quality of friendliness. Similarly, when the brand promises customer its primary focus and a customer feels in need of something, she would be more open to call an employee since she equates the employee with the brand and the brand with the employee.
3. It is more engaging than uniforms. Most of the restaurants are still stuck with the same monotonous uniforms for their employees. Even the biggest of brands in India like Airtel and Vodafone have now opted for more relevant t-shirts for their customer facing employees. If it works for the bigger brands, it can definitely work for yours as well.

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