Why IT companies should invest in corporate tshirts?

The industry of information technology is increasingly becoming that of consultants and solution providers instead of mere software developers who develop software as per the given briefs. The biggest of companies like TCS and Infosys are now turning to agile methodologies to increase productivity. What does this all indicate – they point towards the fact that IT businesses are trying to become younger, as they grow more experienced.

Now, you may wonder – why would a company want to feel younger? Because feeling younger makes the organization free from unnecessary hierarchy, increases productivity and fosters innovation. A huge role can be played by something as simple as corporate t-shirts in this quest of turning IT businesses ‘younger’. Here is how a corporate t-shirt can help your IT business:
1. It makes the employees connected to a common purpose. The brand is many a time portrayed as a simple collection of the imagery, colours and maybe the corporate tagline. That said, real brands grow beyond that – Nike stands for an active lifestyle, Ferrari stands for modern day speed and Apple for technology. The employees from these organizations wear the t-shirts with pride and eventually start connecting with the value system of the brand on a deeper level.
2. It makes the employees feel like a team. Be it the armed forces, or sports teams or medical practitioners – a common attire binds people who are working together. More than the visual representation or the company logy, corporate t-shirts help employees feel that ultimately, they are all the same. This boosts employee morale and increases empathy amongst employees.
3. It represents the organization as a unanimous body for any client. Visually, it is important for any client, vendor or any external body to see the company as a single unit working for one purpose – to achieve the set results. This gives the clients a sense of unity that they are dealing with an organization which works in synchronization and not just a bunch of teams trying to finish within their deadlines.

You may feel like you are simply buying customized t-shirts in Ahmedabad. That said, beyond the branded t-shirts in Ahmedabad, you are actually buying employee morale, empathy and increased brand equity for your organization. Someone may easily put a price on a bunch of corporate t-shirts, but no one can put a price on the intangible benefits they can bring to your business.

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